About the Artists

Pieter Weltevrede

Pieter Weltevrede is recognized and supported by the Dutch government as a Master Artist and is acclaimed internationally with hundreds of exquisite paintings of Gods and Goddesses, Yantras and Mandalas. He studied with Harish Johari and Johari's art teacher, Master Chandra Bal, and Suresh Johari. The wash painting technique used by Pieter has both watercolor and tempera. This involves the colors of each painting being largely washed off and repainted several times before it is considered done. That creates a very special effect, where the light comes from within the deity or yantra, soft but radiant, magnetic and enlightening. He tours annually in India, Europe and the USA exhibiting his art and conducting painting workshops.
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The line drawings were done by Jane Adams. She is a brilliant artist living in North London. Her remarkable work can be seen at https://janeadamsart.wordpress.com/. Like Pieter, her work reflects her deep spirituality.