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Highlights from The Mountain Astrologer review


“It is rare to discover a truly original classic in Vedic Astrology. Yoga of the Planets is not a book about the standard yogas in Jyotish, but instead presents to the reader (and elucidates the meanings of) 108 mantras for each of the Vedic planets ... what raises this book to a masterwork is the author’s phenomenal commentary on each of the mantras for all of the planets ... The book will appeal to complete novices and to advanced students of astrology. There's a simple-to-use table that helps you find each of the mantras for your chart ... Reading each of your own special mantras, chanting them, and meditating upon them can create very profound experiences ... This book can nurture readers understanding of both themselves and Vedic Astrology for years and years. It is a bountiful feast ...”


The Astrological eMagazine


"This well written book on the slokas (mantras) and philosophy of the navagrahas is dedicated to the author's parents. Dr. Foss, with a doctorate in
Computing Science from the University of Alberta, has made efforts to educate the reader with meaning of the different slokas for the nine planets.
In a way going through this book takes you into the fascinating arena of meditation. Having the shlokas in both Sanskrit and English, the author
gives the meaning and tells us that they activate the positive values of the respective planet. The author has taken considerable pains to study the
text and to give notes on the various shlokas for the benefit of the readers. Each planet is provided with 108 shlokas and the author tells us that
reciting these shlokas develops an understanding of the quality embodied in the name and assists in mental clarity and spiritual development of
the reader/reciter"

"Dr. Andrew Foss also tells us how to select the right mantra from the horoscope. We have a nice concluding chapter titled Secrets of Vimshottari
Dasa. A good book that can elevate the life of a reader. We recommend it."


Echo World, Charlottesville


"If you want to stretch your spiritual knowledge and expand your consciousness, this book is worth the time... It is not your average yoga or astrology book. It taught me a great deal."


Facing North


"This highly specialized text was decades in the making. It is beautifully formatted and organized. For astrologers with an interest in Vedic planet meanings and remedies, it's a prize beyond measure..." (Read the rest)


Endorsements from famous authors:


"In this fascinating work, Dr. Andrew Foss provides deep insight into the nature and philosophy of the archetypal planets, illuminating the genius of the ancient sages who devised this way of looking at the world and cosmos. The mantras offer us an intellectual understanding of the planets and the powerful spirituality they project and also a feeling for their various moods that play out in our lives. Of special interest is the idea of how the sages combined astronomy, sociology and psychology to come up with the numbers behind their system of astrology. Brilliant!”

- Irene Kendig, award-winning author: Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead.


"As a scientist, Andrew Foss is an expert in data mining, the ability to extract valuable information from a large amount of data. As a master of Jyotish, he has an akin ability: the amazing gift to extract the most precious jewels from the ocean of Vedic wisdom. He shares these invaluable secrets with great clarity, poetic beauty and generosity. It´s a blessing to know that knowledge is vibrating so near to us in this book."

- José Gordon, Mexican writer, anchorman, TV producer and author of the lauded series Imaginantes


“Yoga of the Planets is a unique and much-awaited exploration into the depths of the nine Vedic planets. Andrew Foss shares his many years of meditative study of the meanings of the Sanskrit names associated with each planet, leading us all toward a fuller understanding of the nature of the planets, the science of mantra and the remedial possibilities offered by Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology). This book will be an important addition to the library of any practitioner of yoga, Sanskrit mantra or Vedic astrology."     

- Komilla Sutton, acclaimed author of many books including: Stars beyond the Zodiac and Vedic Astrology.


Feedback from recent customers:


'Reading Andrew's story has inspired, uplifted and rejuvenated me in my journey towards attaining inner completion and wholeness. Specifically the part of his story where he spent much time towards developing notes for his projects and theories...and then only to lose it all from an unfortunate burglar attack...and yet still speak of it with lightheartedness and humor...I would say this is very uplifting and encouraging to someone who comes across obstacles and hindrances, setbacks on their path towards their inner knowing... After reading his book, I am now able to understand myself on a much deeper level.' - ML, Chicago, USA


'Many congratulations on your fine new book Yoga Of The Planets. I'm enjoying it very much and find it very lucid and soothing.' - DS, USA


'I love your book and have calculated for many close people following your methods and it is astoundingly correct.'- leading Yoga teacher, USA


'Just writing to let you know your brilliant book arrived to the other side of the globe & down at latitude 41 deg south.  It is truly in the spirit of jyotish & opening up so many insights for me and adding a more rounded encompassing truth.  I always felt intuitively that there was much more going on than some of the limited interpretations of others and that there are many layers of our existence, awareness and level of consciousness. Your book is a joy to read and expands the heart. Thank you.' - AH, Australia


'I have just looked up all of my planets in your book.  It shows me how you need this information to read a chart - or at least my chart.  The descriptions are more fundamental than you find anywhere else.' - GB, UK


'Dear Andrew, you surpassed all my expectations with your book yoga of the planets'.- KD, USA


'We have received and LOVING your book, it is a treasure! Thank you!' - KS, Australia