Mars - Mangal

Yoga of the Planets: Mars - Mangal

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Extract from Yoga of the Planets - Mars

ॐ महीसुताय नमः

om mahīsutāya namaḥ

1. Salutations to the son of the earth.

This first name brings forth the intimate connection of Mars with Mahī, the earth and the earth element. Mars, the indicator of the Shakti or vital force, is said to be born (Suta) of the earth. This clearly points to the base Chakra, which is the place of the earth element in the body. From here the Kuṇḍalinī energy rises when she awakens. Mars is exalted in the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn.


ॐ महाभागाय नमः

om mahābhāgāya namaḥ

2. The most fortunate one.

Mahā is a prefix meaning great. Mars has many names starting with Mahā. One whose Shakti has awakened is possessed of Bhaga or majesty. Derived from Bhaga, Bhāga indicates inheritance, in the sense of the one who has received great fortune. Mars indicates those with much vitality, such as kings and warriors, who often possess great wealth and power. In ancient times, these people were often addressed as Mahābhāga.


ॐ मङ्गलाय नमः

om maṅgalāya namaḥ

3.The auspicious (Maṅgala) one.

Mars is the ruler of the fire element, Agni. The balanced fire quality in a person, which Ayurveda calls Pitta, is compassionate and auspicious. Agni can accomplish whatever needs to be done.

The Bhagavad Gītā (2.63) explains how anger disturbs the clarity of the intellect and this leads to disturbance of the vital force, the Prāṇa. A breakdown in the Prāṇa ruins health and, if complete, is fatal. Later, it says, ‘know anger and desire to be the enemies here on Earth’ (3.37). If we are prone to anger, it can help to take up some practice along with proper diet and environment that will help us keep our cool. Swimming and walking by water are two examples of how engaging with the environment can help. Avoiding sour and spicy foods can help calm Pitta though fresh plain yoghurt is good for balancing Mars, which rules bitterness. This and other mantras in this chapter may also help.


ॐ मङ्गलप्रदाय नमः

om maṅgalapradāya namaḥ

4. The giver (Prada) of auspiciousness.

Not only is he auspicious but he is the bestower of auspiciousness on those he favours. This is the way of royalty. Maṅgala is also happiness, welfare and bliss. All these things are associated with feeling strong. A strong Mars in the Vedic chart makes a person full of energy and the urge to be active. If the energy rises through the Chakras, well-being turns into bliss.

Maṅgala also has the meaning of faithfulness. Married Indian women wear a necklace called a Maṅgala Sūtra or thread. Faithfulness is the sine qua non for real vitality and bliss in life. To achieve any high goal we have to find the right path and the right guide. Through faithfulness to these, we will surely succeed. On the other hand, the negative side of Mars can show disrespect to the teacher, which is indicated by Jupiter. Where Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Jupiter is debilitated. However, when Mars and Jupiter work together, great wealth and higher things are achieved. This is like the leader who follows the advice of the trusted counsellor. It is wise to always encourage the auspicious and faithful side of Mars as hailed in this and Mars 3.