Their Mantras and Philosophy

Yoga of the Planets cover

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The Book

This book has many uses. In itself it is a meditation. You can enjoy and benefit without any special prior knowledge. There are insights into astrology but the main focus is enlightening the consciousness and providing a rebalancing of the energies represented by the planets. This will happen automatically as one reads through the mantras and their commentaries.

Who will benefit?

This book is for anyone interested in Yoga, philosophy or astrology. Indeed anyone who wants to better their life. People have reported that just reading the book makes them feel calmer. ‘Lucid and soothing’ as one reader put it. Yoga teachers and others who are interested in mantras and yet know little astrology can easily find specific mantras for their chart or charts of students and friends.

Nine planets each with 108 names

There are 108 names expressed as mantras for each of the nine planets used in Vedic Astrology. These planets are normally listed in the order of the days of the week. They are the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn plus the two eclipse points. There are the Lunar nodes called Rahu (the North node) and Ketu (the South node). The planets are often referred to as ‘grahas’, the Sanskrit word which means ‘graspers’, as they appear to guide and control our experiences. The word ‘planets’ is only used for lack of a better English translation.

Names used as mantras to activate and remedy the effects of the planets

These mantras activate the positive values of the planet throughout the Zodiac. For the first time ever, the mantras are listed with translation and commentary. Even if you only read the commentaries, you will get some of the benefit. If the planet is weak or afflicted, then this acts as a remedy. If it already strong, this helps to enliven its full potential.

Applying to the individual chart

If you want to go beyond this and actually find out which of the mantras will especially enliven your personal chart and, hence, have the greatest benefit for you, this is also easy. The section in the book on Find your Personal Mantras will explain how to do this.

In printed and ebook formats

The printed book provides the mantras of all nine grahas/planets of Vedic Astrology in their traditional order. For convenience, I am also publishing the mantras of the nine planets in nine separate eBooks. There will also be audio recordings of each set of 108 mantras. I have on occasion given these to clients to listen to when that planet was afflicted in their chart with very positive results.

 Bonus for astrologers

As a bonus, there is an extra chapter on 'Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha'. For the first time ever, the rationale behind the sequence and lengths of the Dashas are given along with new


The History

This book concludes a 21 year project, which began in 1995 at one of the most sacred places in India. I was aware of these sets of mantras and their importance but could find no translation and certainly no commentary. I sought out the best source texts and over many years researched into and meditated on the names to fathom their deeper meanings. Now, the time has come to offer this to the public. I hope many people enjoy and benefit from this gentle offering.